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Car Insurance

Car insurance companies use risk to calculate rates - an increased risk of getting into an accident, having a car stolen, or colliding with an uninsured driver can all cause insurance rates to rise. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction usually causes an insurance provider to substantially raise a driver's rates, or even cancel the policy outright.

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Motorists arrested for drunk driving often wonder whether they should immediately report the arrest to their insurance company. However, drivers who are merely arrested on suspicion of drunk driving are under no obligation to make a report. A California criminal defense attorney who focuses on DUI defense can give advice on how to communicate with an insurance company after a drunk driving arrest.

Unfortunately, large national insurance companies often cancel a DUI driver's policy as soon as they learn of drunk driving conviction. One exception is 21st Century Insurance. 21st Century insurance will provide drivers arrested or convicted of DUI with a free, no-obligation quote.

California drivers also must file an SR-22 form, or formal certificate of insurance, after a DUI conviction or a California DMV administrative per se license suspension. SR-22s are only required of DUI drivers, so requesting one from an insurance company is like taking out an advertisement to announce a drunk driving arrest. A California criminal defense lawyer who focuses on drunk driving criminal defense can advise the best way to approach the filing of an SR-22 form and other insurance issues in the wake of DUI arrest.

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