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Driver's License Compact

Many drivers licensed in other states don't realize that a California DUI arrest may result in consequences at both the California Department of Motor Vehicles and in the state which issued them a driver's license. The home state may learn of the arrest through the Interstate Driver's License Compact.

Although the California DMV cannot suspend or revoke an out-of-state license, because it is considered the property of another state, it can suspend a driver's privileges to drive within the State of California, as well as notify the licensing state. The driver's best option to avoid these consequences is to hire an attorney experienced in representing driver's from out of the State of California. A skilled California criminal defense lawyer with DUI / DWI expertise will handle the California DMV's action effectively in an effort to improve a driver's chance of retaining his or her license, or minimizing the impact.

The Interstate Driver's License Compact, or DLC, is an agreement between most of the states in the United States to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents with state where they are licensed. Its theme is One Driver, One License, One Record. The home state would treat the offense as if it had been committed at home, applying home state laws to the out-of-state offense. The action taken may include, but are not limited to, points assessed on a minor offense such as speeding and suspension of license or a major violation such as DUI / DWI.

Some states have an administrative system similar to California Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing, and may acknowledge an APS suspension even without a criminal court conviction. States without an administrative system may require a court conviction before they will take any action against a driver's privileges.

The action that will be taken also depends on the particular state. Some will duplicate the actions of the state where the arrest was made - for example, if California suspends a driver's privileges locally for four (4) months, the licensing state may suspend for the same length of time. Other states may impose an even greater suspension, or even require the payment of fines. Other states may be more lenient.

The best plan for out-of-state drivers who wish to protect their licenses after a California DUI arrest is to avoid having their driving privileges revoked by the California DMV. A California criminal defense attorney with experience defending DUI and DMV cases will provide information about the driver's home state licensing policies, and aggressively challenge a DMV hearing.

Note: Laws and legal procedures mentioned on "" are constantly changing. As a result, any statute, law, or procedure may have changed may have changed as a result of recently enacted drunk driving laws, judicial court decisions, or California DMV license suspension rules, policies or procedures. Thus, the information provided here should not be relied upon as legal advice. To be certain, you should always obtain legal representation and advice from a California DUI defense attorney, or criminal defense lawyer with extensive, experience in California DUI Defense, who is familiar with the facts unique to your DUI case.

DLC1 - This is a list of states that belong to the Driver License Compact. An agreement between these states basically says you have only ONE drivers license record.

NRVC2 - This is a list of the Non Resident Violator Compact. A list of states that communicate with one another if you get a ticket out of your home state.

The Interstate Driver's License Compact
DLC1 - NRVC2 Compact Member Joined Dates
DLC1 Effective Date NRVC2 Effective Date
Alabama 1966 Alabama October 1981
Alaska September 1986 Alaska Not a Member
Arizona 1963 Arizona January 1993
Arkansas 1969 Arkansas January 1986
California 1963 California Not a Member
Colorado 1965 Colorado January 1982
Connecticut January 1993 Connecticut January 1981
Delaware 1964 Delaware February 1979
District of Columbia November 1985 District of Columbia August 1980
Florida 1967 Florida October 1981
Georgia Not a Member Georgia February 1980
Hawaii 1971 Hawaii January 1996
Idaho 1963 Idaho October 1992
Illinois 1963 Illinois July 1984
Indiana 1967 Indiana January 1980
Iowa 1965 Iowa November 1980
Kansas 1965 Kansas January 1983
Kentucky August 1996 Kentucky December 1978
Louisiana 1968 Louisiana November 1979
Maine 1963 Maine January 1982
Maryland 1978 Maryland July 1979
Massachusetts Not a Member Massachusetts December 1987
Michigan Not a Member Michigan Not a Member
Minnesota 1990 Minnesota October 1978
Mississippi 1962 Mississippi March 1979
Missouri October 1985 Missouri October 1980
Montana 1963 Montana Not a Member
Nebraska 1963 Nebraska January 1982
Nevada 1961 Nevada February 1990
New Hampshire October 1986 New Hampshire January 1982
New Jersey 1966 New Jersey July 1983
New Mexico 1963 New Mexico January 1985
New York 1965 New York June 1982
North Carolina September 1993 North Carolina September 1980
North Dakota May 1986 North Dakota July 1980
Ohio October 1987 Ohio January 1985
Oklahoma 1967 Oklahoma July 1987
Oregon 1963 Oregon Not a Member
Pennsylvania October 1994 Pennsylvania July 1979
Rhode Island January 1987 Rhode Island April 1986
South Carolina August 1987 South Carolina January 1981
South Dakota November 1987 South Dakota May 1980
Tennessee '65/'97 dropped out Tennessee September 1984
Texas September 1993 Texas January 1982
Utah 1965 Utah July 1985
Vermont October 1987 Vermont October 1985
Virginia 1963 Virginia July 1980
Washington 1963 Washington October 1993
West Virginia July 1972 West Virginia July 1978
Wisconsin Not a Member Wisconsin Not a Member
Wyoming May 1987 Wyoming July 1987

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